Jacob Wrestling
Jacob the great warrior patriarch (Image source: TimKellerSermonSeries)


The story of Jacob is perhaps the most fascinating in the book of Genesis. It starts out with excitement and great expectations over his birth in Genesis 25, and ends with his majestic kingly burial in Genesis 50, attended by all the ministers of Egypt. In between, there is the story of Leah, the queen of the house of Jacob.

Leah, we hear was ugly, while her younger sister Rachel was stunningly beautiful. This is based on Genesis 29:17 (NIV), which says ‘Leah had weak eyes’ but Rachel was hot; the Easy-To-Read-Version (ERV) Bible says ‘Leah’s eyes were gentle’. Eyes say a lot about personality; Leah was calm, Rachel was aggressive.

Jacob loved Rachel, perhaps she reminded him of his mum Rebecca, another hot beautiful woman (Genesis 26). However, he ended up marrying both sisters; same father, yes, likely different mothers given their physical and personality differences. Genesis 30 and 31 shows that Rachel was cunning and aggressive.

Genesis 29:31-35 says: “When the Lord saw that Leah was not loved, he enabled her to conceive… gave birth to…  Reuben… conceived again…  named him Simeon… conceived… he was named Levi… conceived again, and when she gave birth to a son she said, “This time I will praise the Lord.” So she named him Judah.”

Leah had two more boys, Issachar and Zebulun, and a girl Dinah. When she bore her first three sons, she gave them names intended to please her husband, names that would prove to him that she loved him with all her heart and soul. This changed from Judah, when she chose names that expressed gratitude to God.

Leah’s servant Zilpah also had two sons for Jacob, Gad and Asher; Leah’s household bore eight sons, while Rachel’s had four. Leah’s sons, Levi and Judah, became the chief tribes of Israel; Jesus, our Messiah came from Judah. Weak eyed Leah ended up the queen of the house of Jacob. God prospered the beautiful personality more than the troublemaker with a beautiful face and hot body.

Lord, if gentle eyes is what we need to win the blessings of heaven, then give us gentle eyes and all the blessings that follow, Amen! 

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