Jacob Isaac Rebecca
Jacob and Rebecca deceive blind Isaac (Image source: SoulSpartan)

Reading the story of Jacob in Genesis Chapter 25 to 50, is like watching a sometimes sad, but great inspiring movie. He was the younger of twin boys; his mum Rebecca  loved him dearly for helping out at home; his father Isaac loved his hunter brother Esau who brought home delicious meat from his hunting adventures.

Before the boys were born, Rebecca got a message from God of heaven, that the younger will be greater than the older. Thus, Jacob grew up with a determination to be greater than his older brother Esau, by any means necessary.

In their culture, the firstborn Esau would inherit two-thirds of Isaac’s great wealth, and Jacob would get one-third. So Jacob deceived old blind Isaac to give him the blessing of the first born. Esau was furious and decided to kill Jacob.

Jacob ran away from home for 20 years; his mum died while he was away and Esau ended up with the father’s wealth. The one thing Jacob had and Esau did not, was a belief in the God of his father. When Jacob was forced to return home, he was terrified of Esau; in that totally hopeless situation in Genesis 32, he cried out to God.

Jacob was physically strong and respected physical strength; so God comes to him in form of a wrestler in Genesis 32. At some point, Jacob realizes that this is a divine wrestler, and desperately demands for the blessing that matters.

Jacob says to the wrestler in Genesis 32:26b: “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” Jacob accepts that his greatness was not going to come from his father, or by his hard work alone, or his tricks, but through God’s blessing on his hard work. This is “THE BLESSING” that gave Jacob an everlasting Biblical legacy.

Great God, we need “THE BLESSING” too, hear our prayers, Amen!

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