Candle for Paul Omokhua


A week ago, I lost a mentor and friend, Paul Omokhua. I was a teenager just out of high school when we first met, and he was just a few years older. However, his insight, wisdom, and comprehensive understanding of the Bible for such a young person was astonishing. I remember how I and other friends would listen to him teach for hours – his teachings on ‘Jesus the pattern son’ will stay with me forever.

In our many conversations, Paul would emphasize that sincerity and humility of heart before God are essential virtues for the Christian life. This echoes David who says in Psalm 51:16-17 (Easy to Read Version): “You don’t really want sacrifices, or I would give them to you. The sacrifice that God wants is a humble spirit. God, you will not turn away someone who comes with a humble heart and is willing to obey you.

Paul was an optometrist, and lived simply, shunning ostentation, showmanship, personality cult, false pretenses, and high sounding nonsense. His unexpected passing hurts a lot; he will be missed by his wife and kids, by his extended family, by friends and colleagues. I remember him fondly for his patience with me for my endless questions; he was a God sent guide at that point in my life, I say thank you Paul.

Dear God, guide and prosper his family that he leaves behind, Amen!


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