Image source: ChocktawChurchofChrist

Genesis 1:31 (The Living Bible): “Then God looked over all that he had made, and it was excellent in every way. This ended the sixth day.” How did we go from an excellent creation to this present day reality of living in the shadow of a COVID-19 nightmare? The book of Genesis have some big answers for us.

In the next 4 weeks we are going to be in Genesis, the book of beginnings. The focus is not to exhaust the beautiful and important lessons in all 50 Chapters in Genesis, but to share critical lessons from the first part of Genesis. These lessons inform how we understand the second part of Genesis and the rest of the Bible.

What are the two parts of Genesis? The first part starts from Chapter 1 to 11, and the second part starts from Chapter 12 to 50. Chapter 1 to 11 is a big, big, story of the creation of the world to the establishment of different societies and nations in the world. Chapter 12 to 50 focuses on the choice of Abraham as the human ancestor of Jesus; and how God proceeded to build the house of Abraham.

Genesis ends with the house of Abraham planted in Egypt, with Joseph as the leader. Egypt was the most developed and wealthy country at that time. Thus the house of Abraham was placed in a country where they could multiply and flourish, and become a nation that will eventually produce Jesus the Messiah.

Why did God go through this huge investment that eventually produced Jesus? The answer is found in the big, big, story of Genesis 1 to 11. How well we understand this first part of Genesis, determines how well we understand everything else in the Bible. Genesis answers the big questions, so please stay with me through the next 4 weeks in probing Genesis Chapters 1 to 11.

Lord, give us understanding as we study the book of Genesis, Amen!

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