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When reading a good book, you will observe that there is central story from the start to the end of the book. At the same time, the book will go into the stories of the different characters in it; you might even find yourself developing a deep interest in a character even when he or she is not the main focus of the book.

This also happens when we come to the Bible; we read the different stories, we fall in love with some of the people we encounter, we disapprove of others. However, we often struggle to see the connections between the many different stories, and struggle even more to see the main character that is the main focus of the Bible.

Let’s start with Genesis – the people we encounter from Genesis Chapters 1 to 50 are just many to list here. We could reduce the list by focusing on people with major roles and impact – starting with Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, and onwards to Joseph and the death of Jacob in Chapter 50.

We can also understand Genesis by asking – who is the ever present character from Chapters 1 to 50? We see that God is the ever present character – speaking, blessing, sharing, protecting, judging, holding things together! God is not just the ever present character in Genesis but also the ever present character in all the Bible.

As we read Genesis, lets not end at knowing the people and stories, lets also learn about and know the God who says “Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool: What Temple can you build for me as good as that?” (Isaiah 66:1 The Living Bible translation). As you read Genesis, consider listening to the free online and short chapter by chapter teaching of Genesis by Mike Mazzalongo (on

Reveal yourself Lord, as we seek you in Genesis and all the Bible, Amen!

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