Christmas – should we be celebrating Jesus day?

Image source: IsraelAndYou

All special days we celebrate are human traditions. Except the sabbath and the three feast of Israel given by God in the book of Exodus – Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. All other special days whether it is the jewish Hanukkah, or the French Bastille Day, or Thanksgiving Day in America, or the International Women’s Day were invented by us. Celebrating birthdays was not even a common tradition until the Romans started it; and decided to celebrate a birthday for Jesus.

Why celebrate the birthday of Jesus at all? Don’t we have more serious and important things to do? Well, why celebrate your birthday or your parents birthday, or a wedding, or a company’s founders day, or a national independence day? We celebrate for different reasons – to have fun, to remember a meaningful event, to honour a person we greatly admire. In Christianity, we obviously greatly admire Jesus!

Jesus said in Luke 4:18 (Aramaic Bible): “The Spirit of THE LORD JEHOVAH is upon me, and because of this he has anointed me to preach The Good News to the poor; he has sent me to heal broken hearts and to proclaim liberty to captives, vision to the blind, and to restore the crushed with forgiveness,”

Jesus kept these words as he preached in Israel, right up to his death, when he forgave those crucifying him and the thief beside him (Luke 23). What a mighty man; who changed the world without using a sword. It is a human tradition to honour those we love, to honour the great among us, and it is very much in that human tradition, not a divine command, that we celebrate Jesus at Christmas.

Yes, celebrating Jesus at Christmas is a human tradition, not a Biblical command; therefore Christians who believe they have more serious things, or nothing at all to do on that day, can choose not to celebrate. Jesus will not be offended. At the same time, those who celebrate and invite him into their homes and Churches will find him in their midst. This is our Jesus, wise, good, and great, even on December 25.

God bless you richly, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, Amen!

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