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The end of the year and the beginning of a new year is a period of deep thinking and reflections for me. While I ensure that my children have a lot of fun and memories they will cherish for a long time, for me it is a time to take stock of my journey on planet earth, give thanks for my achievements, examine my failures, and make plans for the new year.

I ask myself – where am I going and why? Am I living just for myself, my pleasures, my ambitions? Am I working hard everyday only to put food on my table or am I serving a greater higher purpose? Where do I find purpose and strength to go serve humanity when I am teaching in the classroom, or when I am home with my family, or at Church, or with extended family, in-laws, friends, neighbors, colleagues, strangers – whether these interactions are in person or over social media?

Proverbs 16:19 (Amplified Bible) says: “A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life], But the LORD directs his steps and establishes them.”

My purpose is influenced by my understanding of God’s purpose for humanity as taught in the Bible. There are many teachings and philosophies in our world on how best to live your life; I find the wisdom and light of the Bible absolutely outstanding. So, when I make plans for the future I commit them to God to direct my steps and establish my plans.

Looking backwards, questioning my purpose, vision, and mission – provides clarity on moving forward into the new year. Deep reflection could sometimes produce depression, I have experienced that – one way to avoid this is to see failures not as the end, but as a source of wisdom. Failures could mean I am trying to do too much, or I don’t yet have the skills and knowledge to achieve my goals, or I don’t have the right support, or that the goal is not for me, I should let it go.

As you reflect and make plans for 2023 – the LORD bless you, and keep you [protect you, sustain you, and guard you]; the LORD make His face shine upon you [with favor], and be gracious to you [surrounding you with love and kindness]; the LORD lift up His countenance (face) upon you [with divine approval], and give you peace [a tranquil heart and life] – Amen!

Happy New Year 2023!!!

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