BY THE RIVERS OF BABYLON (6) – Ezekiel Last Vision of Healing for the Nations

Image source: TheBibleCommunity

The Bible teaches that God’s plan for Israel is key to his plan for the world. In Genesis, God promised Eve a son who will crush Satan’s head; the promise was passed to Abraham, and fulfilled in Israel with the birth of Christ. God disciplined and cleansed Israel like we see in the book of Ezekiel, to fulfil his plans for the world.

In the book of Ezekiel, God cleanses Israel from idolatry and occultism, through a painful captivity in Babylon that lasted 70 years. Israel had drifted into worshipping the sun, moon, trees, and animals including snakes. When God brought them back to Jerusalem from captivity, they never drifted into idolatry again. It was necessary to cleanse Israel so that the birth of Jesus was not hindered.

Ezekiel, shows how God disciplined and cleansed Israel from Chapters 4 to 24; and how God’s discipline extended to the nations of the world from Chapters 25 to 32; and how God will restore Israel from Chapters 33 to 39. Ezekiel’s last vision from Chapter 40 to 48 go on to show how God will return to a new Temple in Jerusalem, and from there will flow a river that heals the world.

We read in Ezekiel 47:1 (Easy-to-Read Bible): “The man led me back to the entrance of the Temple. I saw water coming out from under the east gate of the Temple. (The front of the Temple is on the east side.) The water flowed down from under the south end of the Temple and ran south of the altar…”

We then read in Ezekiel 47:7-12 (Easy-to-Read Bible) (shortened): “As I walked back along the side of the river, I saw many trees on both sides… [the] water flows into the Dead Sea so that the water in that sea becomes fresh and clean… You can see fishermen… throwing their fishing nets and catching many kinds of fish… All kinds of fruit trees will grow on both sides of the river. Their leaves never will become dry and fall. The fruit will never stop growing on those trees. The trees will produce fruit every month, because the water for the trees comes from the Temple. The fruit from the trees will be for food, and their leaves will be for healing.”

This above message in Ezekiel is repeated in the book of Revelation 22:1-2, where it adds that the leaves of the trees “are for healing the nations”. The Bible teaches that God created the nation of Israel as a starting point for healing the world. This is God’s persistent purpose for all humanity, if our hearts are open to receive it.

There is much pain in this old world, the Lord is building a new one where there is no sorrow, don’t miss out on it, remain blessed, Amen!

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