Israel the line stander, Jesus the real deal

Image source: St.PetersChurchToronto

Do you know that you can earn $25 per hour in the USA for being a line stander, also referred to as queue stander, line sitter or queue professional. This is real job for some people and it is especially in demand when a new product is coming out and there are long lines of people queuing up for, sometimes for days to be the first to get the new product. The job is to stand in the queue till you get to the front then the person you are standing for comes in at the front, and do their business.

Israel was a line stander for Jesus. Adam and Eve were promised a son who would reconcile humanity and God (Genesis 3:15); that promise passed on to Abraham and to Israel his descendants (Genesis 22). Israel was delivered from Egypt and made into a nation to witness about God, and ultimately be the vehicle that brings the promised son, the promised messiah, Jesus the Christ, to the world.

So, when Jesus began his work, he stated in Mark 1:15 (Good News Bible): “The right time has come,” he [Jesus] said, “and the Kingdom of God is near! Turn away from your sins and believe the Good News!”

Jesus said “the right time has come”. The right time to do his business has come; the line stander Israel acting and speaking for him for hundreds of years is now done. This is the good news; no more indirect relationship between God and humanity with Israel as the go-between; God has come down to reach out directly to everyone. So, we see Jesus in the gospel reaching out to Jews and Gentiles, preaching, teaching, healing, and feeding the multitudes among both peoples.

As you study the gospels, hopefully starting out with the book of Mark, using an online Bible translation you can easily understand, watch out for the urgency with which Jesus went about preaching this message, and watch out for how Jesus intentionally moves between Jews and Gentiles. In God’s mercy, “the right time has come” to reach out to everyone, and this “right time” has so far lasted 2000 years. Hopefully, we in this generation hearing this good news, will respond positively!

Thank you Jesus for reconciling all humanity and the Almighty God; open our eyes to see this good news, Amen!

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